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Strategy-driven brand, design and communications . . .beautiful results!

Clients are comprised of Fortune 500 Companies, not-for-profit organizations, large corporations and small companies, within a variety of industries, such as financial services, health care, communications, education and entertainment, including:  

Aon Corporation, Ameritech, The Art Institute of Chicago, Baxter International, Blue Cross Blue Shield, 

Catholic Charities, Dean Witter, Dental Network of America, Discover & Co., The Goodman Theatre, 

The Herald Times, IBM, Kraft Foods, Loyola University Chicago, MEMC Electronic Materials, 

Rx’n Go, Scudder Financial, Temple Beth-El, Trinity Christian College, The Tribune Company, 

and University of Illinois Chicago, to name a few.

Brand Identity

A good identity is the essence of the product, business or service it represents. Visually communicating these core ideas quickly and succinctly, is fundamental in attracting and retaining customers and building a successful, longstanding brand.

Artisans & Angels

bh communications

Catholic Charities

Corporate Communications

Great communications are based upon visual and verbal components, cohesively forming a Gestalt: a strong, unified, simple message. When communication objectives are appropriately targeted, meeting specific communication goals, clear understanding results.



Tribune Company

Healthcare and Benefit Communications

Effective communications are key in helping customers understand, fully utilize and value service offerings, thus strengthening your brand.

Central DuPage Hospital

Dental Solutions 360

Moet Hennessy • Louis Vuitton

Marketing Communications

Integrated marketing collateral, including advertising, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing, all need to work together as a “brand family” of communications.

Fulton Market

Loyola University Chicago


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